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Dominion on Android!

Play Dominion, the award winning strategy game, on your phone or tablet against brilliant* AI's!

Version 4.x now contains all the cards from the first nine official expansions:
~ Base set
~ Intrigue
~ Seaside
~ Alchemy
~ Prosperity
~ Cornucopia
~ Hinterlands
~ Dark Ages
~ Guilds

Each game consists of a new set of kingdom cards for numerous variations and limitless replayability!

(*note: AIs may not behave brilliantly at all times.)

Androminion is now open source! This update would not have been possible without the help of a number of contributors; you too can help! Submit bug reports, feature requests, translations, and more at:
~ https://github.com/mehtank/androminion

About the game

Dominion is a card game by Donald X. Vaccarino, published by Rio Grande Games.

If you do not already know how to play Dominion, start with the official rulebook or the Wikipedia page first. Additional links are below.

Androminion is an unofficial implementation of the game for the Android platform. It is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Donald X. Vaccarino, Rio Grande Games, or anyone else you know or care about.

The Androminion user interface

The main screen has four main sections.

Card supply

The supply contains all of the cards available for purchase in this game. Each card lists its cost (in the yellow circle on the left of the card) and the remaining quantity (under the card name). If Embargo is in play, the number of embargo tokens on a supply pile is displayed in a black circle on the right of the card, as shown above on the Gold and Pirate Ship. To find out more information about a card, simply long-press on the card to bring up a dialog with its details.

Card view

The cards in your hand are displayed alongside the cards that have been played so far this turn. Only you can see your hand; everyone can see the played cards on each turn and so you can watch as your opponents play their turn. As your hand gets bigger, you may need to drag the view up or down to see all the cards. If you have cards in your Native Village or Island, swipe the view to the left to view the contents of those mats. Again, you can long-press any card to bring up further details.

Turn view

Stats about each player are displayed with information about the current turn. The player whose turn it is is highlighted, and underneath each player's name is the number of cards in their draw pile, the number of cards in their hand, and the total number of cards in their deck (including the discard pile, island mat, etc.) respectively. If Pirate Ships are in play, the number of pirate ship tokens is displayed in a red circle to the right of the player's name. The current number of actions, buys, and money is listed at the bottom, along with a message about what input is being requested.

Game log

A history of the game is displayed in the scrollable game log at the bottom.